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Whitby Tourist Information Centre

The Tourist Information Centre

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) plans to close Whitby TIC on its present site and let the building out for 21 years on a commercial lease – probably as another food outlet.


Properly Maintained Piers and Quays

The piers and quays are in urgent need of remedial work and proper maintenance.

This could mean a Regatta without the fair on Scotch Head and the Pier.

Kiosks on Pier Road in Whitby

A Harbour Not Obscured by Sales Kiosks

SBC plan to build a further 9 sales kiosks – plus a public loo – along Pier Road.

Trawler in Whitby Harbour

A Lively, Working, Historic Harbour

Trawlers land their fish elsewhere due to the lack of facilities & adequate dredging.

The East Side fishing parties and berth holders have no toilet / shower facilities.

We consider these proposals unacceptable for a tourist resort with over 3 million day visitors / year, worth over £100 million annually to the local economy.

A lively, working, historic harbour is our key visitor attraction
It’s time to take action to stop the rot!

We need £50,000 for legal advice as we challenge Scarborough Borough Council

Whitby & District Tourism Association launched the fund by donating £5,000 but we need donations urgently

Raised: £21932
Target: £50000
-363Days -14Hours -14Mins -16Secs
Fight for Whitby

‘Thanks for your votes’ says John Freeman

26th June 2017

‘Thanks to everyone who cast their vote in my favour in the recent General Election’ says our local artist, John Freeman. He continues: ‘Locally and nationally the voting trend returned to the old two-party system. This made all the more significant, the fact that 680 people took the trouble to turn out and vote for me […]

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Fight for Whitby

Another Open Reminder to the Leader of Scarborough Borough Council

14th June 2017

Another Open Reminder should not be necessary, but SBC have still not answered, nor even acknowledged, the questions in our Open Letter. It was sent to them on 3rd April 2017 and today is the 14th June 2017 – a full TWO MONTHS later and STILL no substantive reply. You can read our Open Letter with its 17 Questions about the […]

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Upcoming Events

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Apr, 2017

Spring Quiz Night Fundraiser for Fight4Whitby

Join us with a Quiz Team for our Spring Fundraiser in aid of Fight4Whitby. Quiz Teams are made up of 4 or 5 people @ ...


Oct, 2016

TIC Demo to say Farewell and Thanks

Note new Demo date: Thanks to SBC delays, our demo will now be at 12 noon on Sat 08 Oct 2016, to say Farewell and Thanks...


Jun, 2016

Quiz Night Fundraiser

Wed 15 June 2016.   Join us with a Quiz Team to raise funds for Fight4Whitby. Quiz Teams are made up of 4 or 5 people...