Legal battle begins

Legal letters about Whitby harbour and its Tourist Information Centre have now been exchanged. Whitby and District Tourism Association (WDTA) has retained a Barrister who specialises in Marine Law and Harbours. Their opening letter to the Legal Department of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has now been acknowledged. Let the legal battle begin!

To pay for the legal costs of this battle, WDTA and many other local organisations and individuals set up a fighting fund called ‘Fight4Whitby’.

WDTA put £5,000 into this fighting fund to take legal action over the whole management of Whitby Harbour. This includes making sure that Whitby Tourist Information Centre (TIC) remains exactly where it is and continues to provide a full and professional Welcome to our visitors.

We aim to raise £50,000 initially, so your donations are urgently required by cash, cheque (payable to ‘Fight4Whitby’ please), BACs or online via this website. Full details are on our Donate page.

If everyone who loves Whitby gives just a few pounds each, we would soon have more than enough to win.

Donations can also be handed in at The Coliseum Centre, Victoria Place, Whitby (beside the bus station) or at John Freeman Studio, 9 Market Place, Whitby or at The Dispensary / Futurehealth Store, 25 Skinner Street, Whitby. These will all provide an official Receipt, if required, as any donation to Fight4Whitby can be regarded as a ‘legitimate business expense’.

Please help us protect Whitby’s unique attractions for local and visitors alike, and to ensure that our ancient town’s popularity continues unabated.

Latest! SBC has just built another 7 sales kiosks along Pier Road, while our piers and quays are in urgent need of repair and proper maintenance.

A lively, working, historic harbour is our key visitor attraction. It is time to take action to stop the rot!


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  1. As a regular visitor to Whitby every May, I was astonished to discover this year that the Tourist Information Centre is up for let! This is the worldwide visitors’ hub for the town and deserves to remain so. Forget about downgrading it to a McDonalds or any other such fast food outlet. As well as a visitors’ centre – why not expand the facility and open it up as a speciality foods shop majoring on the sale of quality local Yorkshire produce, arts & crafts, etc.? Under the initiative and entrepreneurship of a Manager/Director? (We have something similar here on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile which is run by two enterprising ladies. It’s been going for years and is a very successful venture). Why not launch something similar in Whitby?

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