Grand tour de force demonstration to save Whitby TIC

As the Grand Tour marquee was being constructed beside Whitby’s ex-Tourist Information Centre (xTIC), a large crowd gathered at the Dock End last Saturday to listen to speeches about what Scarborough Borough Council is doing with our poor, neglected harbour. Not to mention down-grading our superb TIC.

Speakers included the local artist and three-times Mayor of Whitby, John Freeman, as well as a Whitby Bed and Breakfast owner and a Holiday Cottage owner from one of the nearby villages.

The placards carried by many were also entertaining, and included:

Welcome to Whitby (over-stamped with ‘Sorry Closed’)
500,000 visitors deserve this TIC
We love Whitby – SBC doesn’t!
Mend our piers!
Please don’t let Whitby flood!
Whitby needs a dredger that works!

etc, etc

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