Jeremy Clarkson in the Whitby he loves

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are in Whitby this week to film The Grand Tour, their new motoring show on Amazon. The Grand Tour includes shows from South Africa, California and… not London, not the Lake District, not Stow-on-the-Wold, not The Dales… but WHITBY!

Whitby, they decided, gives a view which best encapsulates everything which represents ‘England’ today. Whitby is as English as any town in the land. Its once-great fishing port isn’t any more (do they already know about Scarborough Borough Council’s neglect of Whitby Harbour? Have they been reading all these Fight4Whitby posts?). And Whitby is really, really pretty.

Their giant marquee studio is now on the Dock End, looking across the harbour to the 199 Steps and Whitby Abbey. Unbeatable!

Above all, they say
‘No one has ever been anywhere in the world and said “You know what? This place is just like Whitby.” (Sunday Times, 02 Oct 2016).

With filming taking place in and around Whitby this week, do look out for their Whitby show on tv in the near future.



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