Good Goth, what is happening to Whitby?

Whitby Goth Weekend is now in full swing and the town is packed. ‘No Vacancy’ signs are up at most B&Bs and the ever-welcome Goths (and their admirers) are having to book accommodation in the surrounding villages as well.

This is one of our busiest weekends of the year and it helps to extend the season well into November, but why is this year’s Whitby Goth Weekend a week later than its usual Hallowe’en? It seems there was a problem with the availability of their main venues, where the most popular Goth bands play to full houses every evening. Odd. Everyone knows that the Hallowe’en weekend has been the Whitby Goth Weekend for the past 25 years or more.

Many Goths will be surprised and disappointed to find that our Tourist Information Centre (TIC) has been moved and downgraded. So much for making it easy to extend their stay, or finding out more about the area.

One local resident has commented in this week’s Whitby Gazette that nearby Bridlington has ‘placed an order for a £1.2m dredger, new piers are being planned, the facilities for the fishing fleet are being improved and the smart TIC has moved into superb new premises.

‘But here in Whitby there is no effective Harbour Board, the dredger is knackered and has been inoperative since May, the harbour is rapidly silting up and becoming dangerous, the piers are eroding and disintegrating, and the ideally located and purpose-built TIC has been closed and is to be leased by Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) to a restaurant, and the TIC has been moved into a little office hidden behind a wall.

‘When will SBC get its act together, stop ruining our town, and invest properly in our facilities? Failing that, can we please break free from SBC and have a local authority which loves Whitby as much as we do?’


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