ITV News item on Whitby Harbour

ITV News cameras were in Whitby yesterday, filming the problems of our harbour. They plan to show their report tomorrow Wed 16th or Thursday 17th Nov 2016 on the early and late regional news programme ITV News Tyne Tees. It may also appear on the ITV Evening News at 10pm, as well as ITV Calendar News for Yorkshire (which we in Whitby do not receive).

The tv reporter spoke to past Mayor John Freeman, as well as a local trawlerman and a local resident, both of whom depend on Whitby Harbour.

It was a lovely mild, dry and sunny day, with a very low tide. This should produce some lovely clips of Whitby harbour for the viewers, as well as the chance of walking far out at low tide to film the cracks, gaps and voids within our piers. Please spread the word so that everyone can see just what is going on here.

These piers were surveyed in 2002 and given an estimated life of 10 years, which is now 14 years ago and still no major repair work on these vital sea defences which protect our wonderful town.

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