ITV News video now on this website, Facebook and Twitter

The video clip of the ITV News item on Whitby’s neglected piers is now widely available online. It shows the triangular slump of more than 4 courses of the giant stones which comprise the piers. We rely on our ancient piers to keep the North Sea waves at bay. Without them, huge waves would run up the river mouth and right into the town centre, where up to 500 homes and businesses are at risk.

Storm Angus may have passed, causing many problems in the south of England, but his un-named companion has only just left Whitby’s shores for Scandinavia. Well over 1 inch of rain fell on Whitby and the Esk valley in the past 24 hours, and many roads were closed overnight due to flooding. Strong winds and big seas pounded our coast and the 2 mile long bay between Whitby and Sandsend was white with wave crests this morning.

To see the video on the state of our piers and listen to some of the people who rely on Whitby Harbour, just click on the previous Post on this website, or see Fight4Whitby on Facebook or Twitter. If you agree with us and want to help, please donate towards our legal advice.


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