TV payment WILL now go to the ‘Whitby Piers’ Fund says Scarborough Borough Council

The payment from the ‘Grand Tour’ filming in Whitby Harbour will now go towards repairing Whitby piers. This is largely thanks to the pressure put on SBC by the Fight4Whitby campaign.

After a long wait, SBC have finally issued a response to everyone who asked about the payment from Amazon TV for filming in Whitby Harbour.

Confidentiality Agreement

But SBC are still ‘unable to say’ just how much money was paid. This is due to a Confidentiality Agreement between the two parties. While this decision is a major achievement, it is unlikely that the TV payment will be anywhere near the £3.7 million which SBC have to contribute towards the £8.5 million Environment Agency scheme to strengthen our neglected sea defences.

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