Local Editor raps SBC for their response to Whitby’s pier repairs

The Editor of the Whitby Gazette has criticised Scarborough Borough Council for their response to repairing Whitby’s piers and extensions.

In last week’s Editorial Comment column, the editor writes: ‘The Borough Council seems content to conclude that repairs to Whitby’s piers can wait another year.

‘Technically, it might be right – it requires structural engineers to make that decision. But, as our readers know and have made plain, the piers do not look safe in several places, and the longer the problems continue, the more frustrated and ignored people feel. This is a core point… the lack of communication, the lack of respect for local sensitivities and the lack of comprehension about the strength of local feeling has tipped the balance of public trust against the Borough Council, whose good work is lost in the ire.

‘All these things require is an acknowledgement of understanding, a more considered statement accepting the importance of the piers to Whitby, and an appreciation of the emotional side of an issue that has dragged on longer than it should.


Whitby Gazette 17 Feb 2017

With thanks and acknowledgements to our local newspaper, the Whitby Gazette and its Editor.


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