County Council to chip in to Piers repairs

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) has said it will contribute to repairing our failing piers. Just how much the county might give has not yet been decided. The total cost will only be known once the recent survey results have been analysed. A spokesman said the piers protect many assets belonging to NYCC, like the roads and the swing bridge. These assets would be damaged if the piers fail.

The latest survey of the piers took place earlier this month. It will reveal just how much more damage the piers have suffered since the last comprehensive surveys were made 8 years ago. It is highly likely the piers will have sustained even greater damage, so the costs will be even higher than before. The last estimate to repair them was £8.3 million. Sadly, the recent survey did not include the 2 pier extensions, which are in even worse state than the Piers.

The Environment Agency has already put up £4.8 million, leaving Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) a shortfall of £3.5 million to find. As SBC is the Strategic Harbour Authority, it is ultimately responsible for the management, maintenance and improvement of Whitby Harbour.

Fight4Whitby is challenging SBC’s administration of our harbour. We think they should be reinvesting the income from the harbour cap parks, which is  almost £1 million / year. If SBC had ring-fenced this money for the pier repairs, then the work could have been funded and completed years ago.


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