Open Letter to the Leader, Scarborough Borough Council

This Open Letter was sent by Fight4Whitby to the Leader of Scarborough Borough Council and the media on 3rd April 2017:


The Highpoint-Rendel report in 2002 concluded that the main Whitby Piers had a residual life of less than 10 years. Since that date, the consequences of a breach or collapse of the Piers have worried the townsfolk of Whitby. As Councillor Plant told the Yorkshire Post in 2014 “The work must be done – we cannot put the future of Whitby at risk, which is what would happen if the piers were not renovated.”

Despite SBC being at all times fully aware of the severe risks involved, no significant repairs have been carried out to the Piers over the past 15 years – with the exception of the emergency repairs to the landward end of the East Pier Extension, which was on the verge of imminent collapse.

The risks posed by the repeated postponements of the renovation works raise such a level of concern that we consider the people of Whitby have the right to be made fully aware of the current situation. Consequently, we advise you that this is an Open Letter, with copies to the media.

To be continued…

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