General Election gives locals the chance to make SBC listen

Election time and John Freeman (Independent) is demanding the reform of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC).

Yes, this IS asking for your protest vote!

Your vote for John Freeman for MP could make all the difference. What happened to open, transparent and accountable local councils and services?

Why do Whitby Piers still need £8m of long overdue repairs? Why is SBC spending £4m to demolish the Futurist Theatre in Scarborough town?

Make SBC listen to local voters in Scarborough, Whitby and area. Local voters MUST be able to hold SBC to account.

Vote for John Freeman will put pressure on our MP and SBC, to make them answer to local voters.

If you want SBC to be more accountable, then vote John Freeman, Independent.

Facebook: Fight4Whitby        Twitter: @fight4whitby

Promoted by Niall Carson on behalf of John Freeman, both of 9 Market Place, Whitby YO22 4DD


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