Your vote could make all the difference in this General Election

You may think how you vote – or whether you vote at all – will make no difference. But it COULD. The Scarborough and Whitby constituency is a safe seat, but you could change all that.

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) is not listening to local voters. Whether it is about closing our Tourist Information Centres and public toilets, the Save the Futurist Theatre campaign or the Fight4Whitby campaign to save Whitby’s Piers.

Yet millions of pounds of rate-payers’ money was spent on The Sands development, the Open Air Theatre and the new Water Park, all in Scarborough town.

Almost 2,500 voters signed a petition of ‘No Confidence’ in SBC. Similar votes of ‘No Confidence’ were passed by Filey and by Whitby Town Councils… but SBC is still not listening.

Yes, this IS asking for your Protest Vote! Vote for John Freeman (Independent), to demand the reform of SBC.

Facebook: fight4whitby       Twitter: @fight4whitby

Promoted by Niall Carson on behalf of John Freeman, both of 9 Market Place, Whitby YO22 4DD


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