No trust in the leaders of Scarborough Borough Council

How can Whitby trust a council, including our own councillors who represent Whitby, when the following have been allowed to happen:

SBC’s financial Annual Accounts for 2015/16 have still not been approved by the government Auditor, with no government process available to ensure this happens, and no procedures have been put in place to ensure this is changed for the 2016/17 Accounts;

Lack of maintenance carried out in our area, in particular to Whitby Piers, especially following the latest news from Banff Harbour (Scotland) which remains closed after part of their pier collapsed, and of course the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower (London), where it appears that building regulations had not been fully implemented by the council;

Whitby residents constantly query planning and building regulations, but to no effect – no doubt a serious accident will have to take place before SBC will take any notice. In particular, I would highlight the lack of infrastructure planning and the over-development of areas such as Pier Road in Whitby, with the new kiosks having serving hatches which open onto the pavement of a very busy road for both vehicles and pedestrians.

When will councils start listening to residents? What was the Localism Act for? How can Scarborough Borough Council leaders expect our trust?

The SBC meeting on 26 June will consider the motion ‘To register a recorded vote For or Against a Declaration of No Confidence in the Leader and the Portfolio Holders of his Cabinet.’

This letter from J Stangoe (Whitby) was also published in the Whitby Gazette of 23 June 2017



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