Second Response to Freedom of Information Act Request – 17 Aug 2017

Our second FOI Request to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) about the state of Whitby’s crumbling Piers asked about the delays to the ‘high priority’ defects.

Our Request:
‘The 2009 Royal Haskoning report required the work to rectify the ‘high priority’ defects on the two main Whitby Piers to start in 2012 and to be completed by 2014. The SBC Financial Strategy 2017/27, approved in March 2017, cites a later start date of 2019/20. Please provide a copy of the independent engineering advice which confirms that it is safe to defer the start date for this work by a further 7 or 8 years.’

SBC Response:
‘The Council has searched its records and can confirm that we do not hold this recorded information.’

What? No record of any independent engineering advice to say it was safe to delay this ‘high priority’ work by 7 or 8 years? Really?

Our Reply:
Unless you advise to the contrary within 5 working days, we will assume that the decision to defer this work by 7 or 8 years was done without independent engineering advice.

SBC reply:
No reply.

So, there you have it! We must assume that the decision to delay was made without any independent engineering advice. So on whose shoulders does that responsibility rests? You may well ask!

Don’t worry – we have lots more FOI responses from SBC, so keep watching for details.


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