Fourth Response from SBC re horizontal cores in Pier Extensions toes – 13 Sept 2017

Our fourth Request to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) under the Freedom of Information Act was about the state of the ‘toes’ of the two Extensions to Whitby Piers:

F4W Request: Royal Haskoning recommended [2008] that horizontal cores be taken into the 2 toes of the Pier Extensions, in order to gain a better understanding of the erosion process. Please supply a copy of the Bore Logs and the Report/s associated with this task.

SBC Response: The council has searched its records and can confirm that we do not hold this recorded information.

Well, well, well. What should we make of that? SBC does not have ‘this recorded information’ – perhaps it did have it once, but has lost it? Or destroyed it? Or perhaps they paid someone to do the work, but it was never actually done? Or maybe the work was done, but no Bore Logs were kept, or no Report was ever produced? Surely not?!?

Or maybe SBC does not have ‘this recorded information’ because it never asked anyone to do the work, even though it was recommended by the world famous civil engineering firm it has just paid to produce a Report on Whitby Piers? Why would any Strategic Harbour Authority (which is what SBC is) pay £000,000s to Royal Haskoning and then not do what it recommends? Why indeed?

So, just how bad are the two Extensions? Who knows? Does SBC know? Or does SBC not know? Which is worse – knowing or not knowing?

What we DO know is that the two Extensions are Whitby’s first line of sea defences. The Extensions take the full force of heavy seas and reduce it a little before the waves hit the Piers themselves. We know the Piers are badly eroded and should have been repaired many years ago, so is it sensible to assume that the Extensions are even worse?

This is just the fourth FOI Request from Fight4Whitby to SBC. Just how reassured are you by their ‘answers’?

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