Storm Ophelia – a thank-you letter for its Southerly gales a few days ago

[Last weekend the British Isles were battered by Storm Ophelia, which started near the Azores and passed just West of Ireland]

Dear Storm Ophelia,

Thank-you for keeping well to the West of Whitby. Your South-westerly gales battered all the Western shorelines, but were ‘merely’ off-shore gales here on the Yorkshire coast.

If your storm centre had tracked up the North Sea, we would have had your North-easterly gales blowing on-shore, as well as your storm surge. I wonder if our neglected and crumbling piers would have protected Whitby from such a prolonged attack?

Scarborough Borough Council have not allocated any of their money for Whitby’s pier repairs in the next 5 years, so please ask all future storms to avoid Whitby until after April 2015…

N. Carson,

[This ‘Dear Editor’ letter was sent to the Whitby Gazette on 18 Oct 2017]

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