Tourism Association asks SBC for details of pier repairs due in December

Background: Whitby District Tourism Association (WDTA) has written to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) for clarification about the pier repairs due to start (according to SBC) in 6 weeks. SBC has applied to SBC for permission to turn Endeavour Wharf ‘car park’ into a Works Compound, to supply the repair work on both of Whitby’s crumbling main piers. This is bound to affect tourism in Whitby, which is worth over £100 million per year to Whitby town.

Dear SBC Project Manager,

As Chair of WDTA I am writing to express some grave concerns regarding aspects of the plans submitted by SBC in relation to the compound on Endeavour Wharf to service the piers refurbishment.

Our main points of concern are:

  1. The proximity to the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) of the actual compound and the flow of heavy vehicles in relation to the visitor footfall using the TIC. What are SBC’s plans re the TIC?
  2. It would appear from the plans submitted that the whole of the parking on Endeavour Wharf will be lost, as the compound blocks off the north end of that area. Is this correct and, if so, what steps will SBC take to mitigate this loss of parking facilities during a period when additional visitors will be coming to Whitby for the on-going Captain Cook 250th anniversary celebrations?
  3. How will materials be transported to each pier? EAST PIER: Whitby swing bridge has a 7.5 ton weight limit, Church Street and Henrietta Street have serious congestion problems, especially in the high season with pedestrian usage. WEST PIER: This pier has both vehicle and pedestrian issues. What methods will be used to minimise these important concerns?

Whilst not wishing to hinder in any way the belated moves to repair the two piers, we must be assured that these concerns are taken into consideration. We await your response to the concerns expressed.

Yours sincerely,

John Freeman, Chair of the Whitby District Tourism Association


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