BBC tv and radio News features the sad state of Whitby’s Piers

BBC Television featured Whitby’s crumbling piers in the Look North (Cumbria and North East) tea-time News yesterday. They interviewed SBC’s Portfolio Holder for Ports and Harbours and showed the gaping holes in the East Pier. Then they interviewed John Freeman, who is the Chair of Whitby and District Tourism Association.

This morning, as part of the 9am News on BBC Radio Tees, there was a longer interview with Whitby’s John Freeman. The BBC said they were ‘Still waiting for a response from Scarborough Borough Council’.

Speaking for almost everyone in Whitby, John said it was a shame that the piers which defend Whitby from the sea, and one of the most popular seaside towns in England, was not being properly maintained. He said that if only SBC reserve the income from Whitby Harbour (car parking, mooring fees, landing fees, etc), then they would soon have the money required to start work on the much-needed repairs to Whitby’s iconic piers.

The interviews can be found on the BBC website and also on social media. Fight4Whitby continues to raise donations for its campaign to manage Whitby harbour properly.

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