‘Whitby pier collapse is not imminent’ say Scarborough Borough Council

‘The piers are not in imminent danger of collapse’ claimed the SBC Councillor responsible for Ports and Harbours last month. – Oh good, so glad that he knows when the next Big Storm is going to be. I wonder if the officials responsible for the dangling railway line at Dawlish ever said anything quite as ‘brave’ as that, in the months before their Big Storm and their collapse? The fact remains that the repair work required by our piers ‘within 10 years’ still hasn’t been done, even though the world renowned engineering consultants wrote that Report well over 10 years ago.

‘Providing the planning application and funding bids are successful, the current programme to which we are working shows a start of work in 2018’ he said. – Was that the planning application that SBC withdrew just before the SBC planning meeting, then? As for the ‘funding bids’, SBC is still nowhere near providing the £3.5 million they promised years ago for the urgent repairs to Whitby piers. Quite simply, still no money means still no repairs.

‘The most recent survey also showed that areas originally believed to be voids were areas of less dense infill and small gaps between walls of blocks forming the outside of the piers’ he added. – So if they are not ‘voids’ after all, then why did your planning application require 7,500 cubic metres (about 7,000 tons) of cement to fill these ‘non-voids’? And that mere 7,500 cubic metres which is still required to fill these non-voids, is only about half of the 12,000 cubic metres of voids found by the first survey, over a decade ago! Perhaps half of the voids have miraculously healed themselves? Remarkable!

‘…the piers continue to withstand all that Mother Nature throws against them’ says this Scarborough Borough Councillor. – Just as well they do, with little or no help from SBC over the past 10 years and more. Good Luck is a truly wonderful thing, isn’t it? Wonder how long it will last?

Was it King Canute who commanded the sea not to advance? It was certainly Corporal Jones who said ‘Don’t panic!’

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