Another Christmas and still no SBC money to repair Whitby Piers

Christmas is here yet again – and still Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) have not committed any of their own money to repair Whitby’s ‘decrepit’ sea defences. Where is the money for pier repairs?

“Regarding the East Pier planning application: I notice Scarborough Borough Council has submitted a planning application under Week November 20 17/1202120/LB – Construction of new pedestrian footbridge between the East Pier and Extension arm – without any fanfare in the local papers and with unusual timings on submission. I wonder why!

I also found a Report on the SBC website from the ‘Report to Projects and Partnerships Overview and Scrutiny Committee, to be held on 16 March 2009’ which states under point 3.9.5 ‘Also considered is the sub-option of reinstating the link bridge between the East Main Pier and East Pier Extension, in order to provide operation and maintenance access to the Pier Extension and the navigation lights on Health and Safety grounds’. If this was required on Health and Safety grounds in 2009, then why has it taken 8 years to start progressing?

This Report also went on to say ‘East Pier Extension ladder between deck and gantry corroded to unsafe level. All structures particularly East Pier Extension: Public, operational and maintenance staff will fall from ladders leading to severe injury, potentially fatal – Urgent.’

Has SBC found the money to progress any of the pier repairs, including the pier extension, and what guarantee has Whitby got that routine maintenance will be carried out following any future repairs?

What has happened to the money from the Whitby harbour Estate that should have been used for ongoing maintenance, since the 2009 Report was originally published?

When will Whitby get any answers to the Whitby Harbour problems?”

J Stangoe, Whitby

Next Christmas, perhaps? Or the Christmas after that? Or…

[With acknowledgements and thanks to the Whitby Gazette, which published this letter on 15 Dec 2017]

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