Roker Pier restoration shows what could be done in Whitby

Roker Pier has just been reopened after storm damage in November 2016. This is a fine example of what could be done with Whitby Piers, if the same level of enthusiasm was shown by Scarborough Borough Council.

100 meters of railings were washed into the sea, including the coping stones they were set into, by huge waves in a big storm. The waves broke over the Grade II Listed pier and as high as the lighthouse itself. Some of the original coping stones were recovered from the seabed by divers and reused.

The Cabinet Secretary of Sunderland City Council said it was fantastic to see Roker pier reopening. He added: ‘It has always been one of Sunderland’s best loved landmarks and I know people have been looking forward to it reopening to the public. The pier was built to defend the harbour and it has done that job magnificently for over 100 years.’

A similar situation to Whitby?

100-year old pier – just like Whitby.
Built to protect the harbour? – just like Whitby.
Done that job magnificently? – just like Whitby.
Grade II Listed structure? – just like Whitby.
Storm damaged? – just like Whitby.
A best-loved landmark? – just like Whitby.
Restored and re-opened? –  NOT just like Whitby.

So wouldn’t it be nice if Whitby Piers were also restored and the link to the East Pier Extension was actually built and re-opened?

Or shall we just continue to survey, plan and delay? Then survey, plan and delay again? And again and again and again…

Now that a Barrister has been engaged, Fight4Whitby needs to raise £5000 to fight on an equal footing with SBC. PLEASE see for ways to donate. Thank-you.

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