Fight4Whitby Newsletter January / February 2018

This Newsletter for January / February 2018 will bring you up to date with some of the things that have been happening over the past year. Needless to say, for legal reasons, we can’t yet include everything…

Fight4Whitby         Newsletter         Jan/Feb 2018

Dear Supporters,

Fight4Whitby’s hard work, helped by your own considerable support, is now bearing fruit in many ways – including in high places!

  • Public awareness about the state of Whitby’s iconic Harbour is at an all-time high – and the pressure is building on Scarborough Borough Council (SBC).
  • Thanks to pressure from Fight4Whitby SBC has finally submitted a planning application for the first phase of repair work on the piers – though they still need to find £4.1m, according to the latest costings. This is in addition to the Environment Agency grant of £4.8m, originally awarded in 2013.

NB: The previous SBC costings do not include the latest Planning Application for the new footbridge between the East Pier and the East Pier Extension (removed in 2002), nor the repair works to the East Extension, including the replacement of the safety railings and timber decking.

We believe this latest Planning Application may have been submitted in order to comply with the Marine Management Agency (MMA) audit, carried out late last year. This is likely to highlight a number of Health and Safety issues which were first raised in previous expert Reports requested by SBC in 2002 / 2012.

  • Various central government agencies are now getting involved, thanks to Fight4Whitby pressure. The Department for Transport recently consulted on proposed Guidelines to improve the management of all ports. For the first time, the new Guidelines will specifically include Local Authority owned harbours, like Whitby.


AND best of all…    (PTO)

  • Mazars, the External Auditors, have not signed-off Scarborough Borough Council’s Annual Accounts for 2015-16 or 2016-17, because of our challenge about SBC’s allocation of the income from Whitby Harbour.

It is almost unheard of for any Local Authority to have 2 years’ accounts outstanding. Both Mazars and SBC have taken legal advice and SBC has now retained a firm of barristers.

We await further developments with interest!


SBC has escalated proceedings and the Fight4Whitby group believe we now need to retain a barrister, in case matters go to court – but that will cost us around £10,000.

Thanks to your support we have raised an amazing £25,000 over the last two years, to pay our legal costs so far. We believe that we are now getting to the final stages of this long drawn-out battle.

Please chip in and help us raise the £10,000


Ways to donate are all on

Donate cash at any of the many collection tins in Whitby businesses

Cheques and cash can be donated (and Receipts given for this ‘legitimate business expense’) at:

The Coliseum, Victoria Place (behind Whitby bus station)

John Freeman Studio, Market Place, Church Street, Whitby

FutureHealth (formerly The Dispensary), Skinner Street, Whitby


Donate online at   Thank-you!

Newsletter details believed correct but given without prejudice.

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