Leave Scarborough Borough Council? There WILL be a Town Poll within 25 days!

‘Do you want Whitby to leave Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council to become part of the new Tees Valley Combined Authority instead?’ That is the question that will be put to the electors of Whitby Town in a Town Poll to be held in May this Year.

The decision to call for this Town Poll was made yesterday, when Whitby Town Council held their Annual Town Assembly at the Coliseum Centre in the town centre. The Town Mayor, Noreen Wilson, welcomed the audience and said how nice it was to see so many people there. ‘So much better than last year’ she added. After outlining the achievements of Whitby Town Council over the past year, she invited comments form the audience.

Many audience members (all of them electors living within the town boundary) complained about the way Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) was running Whitby, including our crumbling piers and their extensions, our flood defences, off-loading our public toilets, our downgraded Tourist Information Centre, our Conservation Areas, etc, etc. North Yorkshire County Council was also criticised for their management of Whitby’s Park and Ride, on-street parking permits, etc.

One elector then proposed a Town Poll (see above) beginning ‘Do you want to leave Scarborough Borough Council…’ and this was agreed by an overwhelming show of hands. The Town Poll will now be held 14 to 25 days after last night’s Town Assembly, ie between 8th to 23rd of May 2018. The Poll is conducted by Whitby Town Council under General Election rules. NB: No postal votes are allowed.

This is an ideal opportunity for Whitby residents to express their feelings about how SBC is running Whitby. The issues are many – not least the state of our piers, the lack of investment, etc, etc.

One response to “Leave Scarborough Borough Council? There WILL be a Town Poll within 25 days!”

  1. Why do Whiby residents have to keep paying for 3 layers of local Government (Whitby Town Council, Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council), particularly as they do not appear to consult or work well together? Why can we not be part of a Unitary authority?
    Why is it taking so long for Yorkshire to sort out its devolution process, and when it is sorted will it be of any benefit to Whitby when we are linked so closely to Teesside:
    – in Tees Valley NHS area
    – public transport serviced from Teesside
    – secondary/adult education mostly supplied by Teesside
    – better paid jobs available in Teesside

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