Scarborough says No to Whitby Town Poll question

They say No to the wording of the proposed question about ‘leaving Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) and give several reasons. One of these is ‘the question could mislead electors…’. They also say that ‘this demand for a Parish Poll cannot be accepted…’ and that it is hence ‘unlawful in its current form.’

Is it likely that Whitby will accept a No from SBC?

The question to be asked will just be re-worded and that is exactly what is now being done.

A new form of words, which WILL be acceptable to SBC, is currently being composed and the call for a Parish Poll WILL proceed – just as soon as SBC accepts the question.

In fact, SBC has LOTS of questions to answer about its management of Whitby!

Visit for all the background information to help you decide how YOU might vote.

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