Editor of Whitby Gazette slams SBC leadership

The Editor  of the Whitby Gazette newspaper has used his Comment column to slam the leadership of Scarborough Borough Council.

In a hard-hitting Editorial in this week’s edition (Fri 04 May 2018) he first comments on the most recent Town Poll call which was rejected by SBC as ‘unlawful’. [NB: These initial problems will be resolved by re-wording the question to be asked in the NEXT call for a Town Poll].

The Editor then goes on to say: ‘But in all the chatter, there is a single question… Why? Why would people want a Town Poll?

‘It’s not borne from a sudden desire to join Redcar, etc, as nice as that is. It sprouts from a deep dislike of Scarborough Borough Council’s leadership – and that is the message that needs to be heeded, and dealt with.

‘Whitby people should not take SBC’s lack of engagement or public diplomacy personally though; SBC’s leadership emits contempt for all and sundry, and its current manner and style is the talk throughout Scarborough among everyone and every organisation.’


It would seem that we are not just a ‘small minority’ of ‘deluded’ people after all!

The same edition of the Whitby Gazette also contains nearly 2 pages of Readers’ Letters, most of them about our local council and its efforts.

For lots and lots more background information, please visit www.fight4whitby.com where you can also donate to our legal costs. Thank-you.

With thanks and acknowledgements to The Editor, Whitby Gazette, Fri 04 May 2018.


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