What is happening now?

Lots of things are happening – but some of them are ‘legal’, so we are not allowed to talk about them.

What we CAN say is that Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) did publish their Draft Annual Accounts and LOTS of official questions have now been asked about the Whitby harbour income. These include the details of income from the Endeavour Wharf ‘car park’ as well as the rent / licences for the many stalls, concessions and buildings, etc, etc.

More urgently, concerns are being raised about the many Health and Safety aspects of Whitby’s crumbling Piers. There are no safety railings on the East Pier, plenty of trip hazards, a 20-foot drop off the Pier and no ladders on the outside to aid a rescue. The missing link bridge from the East Pier to its Extension was removed by SBC 17 years ago, yet SBC employees still have to service this Extension and its light. Access is only by boat and then up a very rusty ladder – an operation which even SBC has described as ‘a risky operation’! Anyone on the lower deck of the Extensions has little or no safety cabling to prevent them falling or being washed into the sea.

These very rusted safety cables on the lower decks were condemned in 2008, because much of the original cabling is either missing or in the final stages of disintegration. When asked why they have not been replaced, SBC responded that ‘No recorded information is held for this work due to a change in the Council’s financial record system in 2010’.


So please always remember that LOTS of things are still happening, but often these are legally protected or they involve outside government agencies – which tends to take time…

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