Pier work to start ‘this Summer’ (2018) says Scarborough Borough Council…

This summer 2018 could see the start of the long-awaited repairs to Whitby’s crumbling piers, says SBC in a statement yesterday on Yorkshire Coast Radio. Councillor Cockerill said they were near to finalising a deal with contractors Balfour Beatty, now that funding for the £9 million project had been secured.

If true, then much of the credit is surely due to pressure from Fight4Whitby and our thousands of supporters. Certainly, remarkably little was happening UNTIL Fight4Whitby got involved! Shall we just wait and see if it actually happens?

The Report to SBC Cabinet said that the council would like work to the piers to start ‘as soon as possible this summer’ – before a seasonal shut down over the winter. Due to rough seas and bad weather, Councillor Cockerill said there would be no work on the piers from October to March.

‘There are one or two fairly minor items still to clarify on the contract. As soon as that is done, we can put pen to paper and start the ball rolling’ said Councillor Cockerill. ‘Once the contract is signed, Balfour Beatty need a period of 6 to 8 weeks to actually get mobilised on the site.’ He then added ‘…but at the moment I can’t give a specific date when any activity will actually be seen on the piers.’

Yesterday’s announcement from SBC = Mid June 2018
Still 1 or 2 minor items to clarify in the contract = Mid July 2018?
Then 6 to 8 weeks to get contractors actually mobilised on site = Late Aug to Mid Sept 2018?
The 2 weeks actual work?
All work stops for a seasonal shutdown from Oct 2018 to Mar 2019 due to rough seas and bad weather.

Is this the urgent repairs that Councillor Cockerill announced a few weeks ago ‘Could start as soon as July 2018’??

Please help Fight4Whitby keep the pressure on SBC. Visit www.Fight4Whitby.com for lots more details and to donate to our legal costs, Thank-you.

With thanks and acknowledgements to Yorkshire Coast Radio.


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