Good Luck to SBC with their Open Letter to the Secretary of State for the Environment

Fight4Whitby had absolutely No Luck when we wrote an Open Letter to SBC!

The Leader of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has just published an Open Letter to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. This Open Letter asks about the ‘un-fairness’ of lack of money from the electricity, gas and water utility companies to pay for coastal defence work which would also protect their wires, pipes and other assets.

That’s funny…  When we wrote an Open Letter to the Leader of Scarborough Council in April 2017, we never even got an acknowledgement, never mind a reply!

So Good Luck to the Leader of SBC with his Open Letter. And what a shame that the self-same SBC Leader never even managed a reply to our 16 questions about the lack of repairs to Whitby’s crumbling Piers.

And anyway – why not use the income from Whitby harbour to repair Whitby Harbour, just as the 1905 Whitby Harbour Act says should be done? If he is successful in getting the utility companies to contribute funds, won’t they just pass the costs onto their customers? Us again!

[With thanks and acknowledgements  to the new Editor of the Whitby Gazette (6 July 2018) for publishing SBC’s Open Letter].

You can read our Open Letter to SBC at the top of our Latest News page on plus lots more information and how you can help by sharing this post as widely as possibly. Thank-you.


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