Fury at ‘blatant act of vandalism’ on Whitby Piers

This ‘Blatant act of vandalism’ letter was published in the Whitby Gazette on Fri 23 Nov 2018:

“Could someone/anyone please explain to me how Scarborough Borough Council has been allowed to get away with this blatant act of vandalism on what is a Grade II Listed structure/building, by taking a saw to the sandstone that has stood there for 200 years and replacing it with re-bar [reinforcing iron bar] and coloured concrete?

“If this is the kind of repair work we can expect on the East Pier then the people of Whitby should be extremely worried. This work is not good enough but of course it is only Whitby, and Scarborough Borough Council will ride rough shod over us at every given opportunity. Mike Upton, Whitby”

With thanks and acknowledgements to the Editor, Whitby Gazette, 23 Nov 2018.

This letter may be short and sweet, but it sums up entirely the fury that we Whitby folk feel about the neglect of our iconic harbour. The way our Strategic Harbour Authority (ie Scarborough Borough Council or SBC) has allowed delay and decay to endanger our town centre is bordering on scandalous. Fight4Whitby has finally embarrassed SBC into starting some work on the main piers, but both the Extensions are probably in a far worse state of decay.

The Extensions protect the Piers from the full fury of the North Sea, and the Piers protect the Harbour / town centre from coastal flooding, but if the Extensions collapse…

Fight4Whitby has been crowd-funding our legal advice and campaigning for over 3 years to make SBC do what it is legally required to do. The 1905 Whitby Harbour Act states that the money raised by Whitby Harbour MUST be spent on maintaining and improving Whitby Harbour – but SBC has chosen not to do this. Please donate to our crowd-funding, in local shops or via our webside below.

Find out more about the whole sorry saga by reading (and sharing!) our Latest News stories on www.Fight4Whitby.com – thank-you!

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