A ‘like-for-like’ repair of a bodged job

A ‘like-for-like’ repair has been made on the concrete block at the end of Whitby’s West Pier. But that concrete block was itself a bodged job, done decades ago – possibly even post-war. The original bodged job was at least hidden behind a sandstone cladding, which has not now been replaced ‘in case it falls off’.

Listed Buildings Regulations aim to rectify previous ‘acts of vandalism’ where possible. Regardless of mistakes made in the past, Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) is now the responsible Planning Authority AND the Strategic Harbour Authority, and so should always try to rectify any previous architectural mistakes.

Odd how much SBC crowed about their ‘sensitive historic repairs’ to the 1831 Lighthouse on the end of the West Pier a few years ago, yet now they approve the use of concrete to repair the wall which surrounds that Lighthouse. That wall is itself a Listed structure much older than the Lighthouse and was shown on a map of 1742.

There can be few more obvious cases where the onus is on the Planning Authority (ie SBC) to ensure “enhancement of the architectural and historical special interest of the designated heritage asset”. Would that not demand that particular bit of the historic pier wall should be repaired using sandstone blocks?

We have to wonder if SBC would allow a similar ‘like-for-like’ repair of a bodged job on the historic walls around Scarborough Castle?

See www.Fight4Whitby.com for lots more examples of SBC’s neglect of our much-loved Whitby Harbour – and how you can help to crowd-fund our legal costs to make them do it properly.

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