New Year Resolutions from Fight4Whitby – to continue fighting for Whitby Harbour

Our Resolutions for this New Year remain as ever, so if you love Whitby as much as we do, why not donate?

Our Community Group ‘Fight4Whitby’ is challenging Scarborough Borough Council about SBC’s administration of Whitby Harbour. We need to raise funds to pay for legal advice from specialist marine / harbour lawyers. Our Resolutions are as always:

  1. ALL income from Whitby Harbour to be re-invested in the maintenance and improvement of Whitby’s neglected harbour and piers.
  2. Urgent repairs and improvements to the piers, to safeguard 500 homes and businesses and much of the town against increased flood risk.
  3. A lively, working, historic harbour that welcomes traditional fishing vessels.
  4. Keeping open spaces around the harbour for traditional events and activities, and to help preserve the iconic views across the harbour, up to the Abbey, and out to sea.
  5. A prominent, centrally located Visitor Centre to celebrate the wonderful history and heritage of Whitby and the surrounding area.

These are the self-same Resolutions that we have been fight for since Fight4Whitby was created 3 years ago. Yes, 3 whole years!

With your donations, we can ensure that Scarborough Borough Council (our Strategic Harbour Authority) does what it is supposed to do.

Please help us fight, by making a donation via our website or through the collecting tins in many Whitby shops and businesses.

Thank-you and Happy New Year!



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