Tourist Information Centre needs a key location in Whitby

This response letter (about Whitby’s Tourist Information Centre) to the Whitby Gazette was published on 08 March 2019:

“Following on from David Slater’s excellent letter in the Gazette (March 1), I do wonder why Scarborough Borough Council didn’t see this ideal opportunity to take over the perfectly located NatWest building for a new modern Tourist Information Centre? It could have incorporated a visitor heritage centre in the middle of Whitby, to promote all that is so good about our town.

“The award-winning Visit York Information Centre in Museum Street is in the heart of the city close to York Minster. It is a superb example of what a tourist information centre should be. It has assistants and volunteers sharing their expert local knowledge and it is open seven days a week throughout the year. This is compared with our small, hidden-away Whitby Tourist Information Centre (TIC) which wasn’t open during the busy half term weeks. Why?

“I’m sure the excellent local staff were willing to be there but this was a sad reflection on Scarborough Borough Council’s service to our visitors. However, we should bear in mind Scarborough Borough Council’s track record on its investments in Scarborough attractions such as:

“• Alpamare Waterpark fiasco – Scarborough Borough Council has a multi-million pound unsecured loan outstanding;

“• Open Air Theatre – is not yet paying its way;

“• Flamingo Land Coast – a possible disaster on the Futurist theatre site. And let’s not forget that the Scarborough Borough Council’s annual accounts still haven’t been signed off by the auditors for the past three years.

“So maybe we don’t want Scarborough Borough Council messing around any more with our beautiful town. Local elections are in May. Let’s make sure we try to elect a local council which will respect and listen to its rate-payers and will care about properly servicing our tourist trade which is so critical for the future prosperity of Whitby.

Sandra Smith,


With thanks and acknowledgements to the Editor, Whitby Gazette, published on 8 March 2019.

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