Residents get the chance to vote for change – this Thursday

Residents of Whitby will recall that at last year’s annual Town Assembly a Whitby Town Poll was proposed by a member of the public. This asked for a vote to take place for Whitby to move away from under the control of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC), over to the new Tees Valley Combined Authority. This was voted For, but then later rejected by SBC on legal grounds.

At the time, a number of Conservative local councillors called this ‘a waste of time’ and ‘a pointless exercise’. Robert Goodwill, our local MP, referred to those Whitby residents who took this action as ‘deluded’.

These people were not so much ‘deluded’, but took this action primarily as a means of expressing their frustration over how those members of SBC who make the decisions, do not manage Whitby in the same manner as Scarborough.

Now, with the May Local Elections [to SBC] there is another opportunity for all these ‘deluded’ residents to express their dissatisfaction with how Whitby is run by SBC.

I say this not as someone who is particularly interested in any political group. I am more concerned with competence and capability, rather than any political colour, especially at a local authority level.

At the end of the day, the people who stand for and are elected as members of local and national governments are expected by those residents who voted for them to do their very best to support the interests of the area and the ward which they represent.

J Smith, Whitby.

With acknowledgements and thanks to the Editor, Whitby Gazette, where this Letter was published on 18 April 2019.

Please visit Fight4Whitby for lots more information and How to Donate to our legal costs.

Please use your vote this week (on Thursday 2nd May 2019) to help us Fight4Whitby. Thank-you.

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