Hope for Whitby as ‘All Change’ at Scarborough Borough Council

There is hope for Whitby as last week’s election wiped out the party which controlled Scarborough Borough Council (SBC).

Thank-you to everyone who voted for change. We hope we are not going to be disappointed.

The Yorkshire Post published the following report on Friday 03 May 2019:

“In Scarborough, where the Conservatives had effective control with half the authority’s 50 councillors, the party’s majority was wiped out. The Tories finished the day on 16 seats having started on 25. Independents picked up 14 seats and Labour 13. In a humiliating episode for the party it also lost a number of prominent councillors.”

With acknowledgements and thanks to the Editor, Yorkshire Post, Fri 03 May 2019.

It is the hope of Fight4Whitby that the new administration will have a more enlightened approach to Whitby, its harbour and its financing. The next meeting of SBC will be on Tuesday 07 May 2019, when the new Councillors will choose who will be SBC Leader and who will be on each of the SBC Committees which control the Borough, including Whitby Harbour.

Find out lots more at www.Fight4Whitby.com including how to donate to our ongoing legal fight with SBC about the management of Whitby Harbour.

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