New Leader of Scarborough Borough Council says “It’s time for change.’

Leader Steve Siddons was elected on Tuesday 7th May 2019 and said: ‘No more Business as Usual – anything that didn’t work must now be reviewed.’

Following the recent elections, Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) is now in ‘No Overall Control’, where no one political party has a majority. Following his unopposed election by the newly-elected SBC Councillors, their new SBC Leader told the Council Chamber that the ‘Old Guard’s’ time was over and it was time for change.

“Keeping to the ‘same old, same old’ really won’t wash” he told the Chamber. “Anything that didn’t work must be reviewed”. This included, he said, the closure of public toilets, the Fururist Theatre site, the Alpamare waterpark situation, etc. He also mentioned urgent Climate Change needs, quality lives for residents and quality affordable homes for locals to rent and buy,

His plan includes the reduction of the SBC Cabinet to just 3 Portfolio Holders, each with a Director and a Committee. “Scrutiny will not disappear” he added. He proposes a 1-year Trial of his new plan, followed by a review.

“All Councillors must now be involved in decision-making for the good of the whole Borough” he said. A webcast of his election speech can be seen on the SBC website.

Fight4Whitby will be monitoring the new SBC’s progress with interest…

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