New Leader of SBC – dare we hope for a new era?

“Having listened to the new Leader of Scarborough Borough Council’s opening speech, dare we hope that a new era is about to dawn on the Borough? Certainly the new Leader, Mr Siddon’s words give us a glimpse of a proper way to govern, rather than instructions coming down from the inner workings of the previous SBC Cabinet. This Cabinet system has in the past made some very dubious decisions – which the electorate have now called time on.

“Although a minority group now leads the new Council, I can only hope that party in-fighting is put aside and SBC as a whole now works for the good of the whole Borough and not just Scarborough town (not that some of the previous Cabinet decisions are even good for Scarborough town!).

“New councillors will now be finding their feet. Some of the old guard will be very upset that the cosy status-quo has gone, whilst others may be relieved they no longer have to follow party lines when faced with directions from above.

“My plea is that you all forgo party politics. Listen to the people who voted you in and if you believe that a decision is not in the best interests of the electorate, then stand up and say so. Work together and you may get something of a reputation back for this tarnished Council.

“Look hard at the D-BID. Ask why SBC’s Annual Accounts are still not signed-off by the auditors since 2015? Ask why £9m was handed over to the waterpark in Scarborough Town? Do you really want another monstrosity on your once lovely harbour side?

“Scarborough could have been Harrogate-by-the-Sea, instead of Blackpool Mark 2.

“John Freeman, Whitby”

The above letter was sent to Fight4Whitby and to the Whitby Gazette this month.

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