People Power defends Whitby’s heritage

People Power can be shown in many ways: via local government elections, by objecting to planning applications or by signing a petition to keep an important local pub name.

All three of these have worked in Whitby during May 2019.

Elections: Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has been much changed by the May elections and is now a council with ‘No Overall Control’. The former ruling political party lost its control of the council and now the new Leader  has chosen a much smaller Cabinet, which involves 3 different political views. Three newly-created Committees now oversee each of the new Portfolio Holders on the Cabinet. ‘Open-ness and Transparency’ are now the new aims of the new Leader. We shall see…

Objections: When SBC applied (to itself) for planning permission and Listed Building consent to put up banners across Church Street there was an outcry from the public. Listed buildings and Conservation Areas are protected from ‘inappropriate development’ because of their historic and cultural importance. They are NOT there to string banners between and then sell advertising space on those banners. Whitby Civic Society put in an Objection to the planning permissions and very soon there were some 300 Objections on the SBC Planning website. Faced with this overwhelming response, SBC quietly withdrew its plans for this particularly inappropriate fund-raising scheme.

Petitions: Whitby’s ‘The Golden Lion’ pub was going to be renamed ‘The Salty Dog’ by a pub chain, but they had to think again. Over 500 people signed a petition to keep the traditional pub name, which it has had for over 300 years. It stands near the swing bridge, at the bottom of the steep and narrow Golden Lion Bank (named after the pub). It’s not often a major pub chain admits it is wrong, so all credit to them.

People Power is a wonderful thing and Fight4Whitby is another very good example.

Find out more at and please contribute to our legal costs to ensure that SBC manages, maintains and improves Whitby Harbour properly. Thank-you.

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