Scarborough Borough Council calls Extraordinary Council Meeting

Scarborough Borough Council has at last called an Extraordinary Council Meeting on 23rd July, to ask its elected councillors to vote on whether or not to accept the Statutory Recommendation issued by the External Auditor on 26th March 2021.

The Recommendation* is that SBC should ask a Judge to decide on where the limits of Whitby Harbour are. The key question is whether the Pay & Display car parks on the Upper Harbour (and their income) are part of the harbour estate or not?

If so, is SBC legally allowed to spend the income from Whitby Harbour on anything other than Whitby Harbour?

Furthermore, if the car park income does have to be ring-fenced for use in Whitby Harbour, the Judge should be invited to rule on how many years should be taken into consideration, retrospectively, when amending SBC’s 2015/16 accounts.

You can watch the meeting live on from 11am on Friday 23rd July 2021.

*Relevant documents attached:

20201106 Report for disclosure to SBC by External Auditor

20210326 Final Decision of the External Auditor

Response to Statement of Reasons issued by Mazars LLP regarding objection to the Statement of Accoun


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