Front Page News at Last for Fight4Whitby

The front page of the Whitby Gazette dated 29 July 2021 has the headline: ‘Council’s court fight over harbour money.’ Good to see Fight4Whitby on the front page of the local paper at last! The lead story on the front page that week describes the Emergency Council Meeting of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) on the 23 of July 2021, to consider the ‘recommendations’ of the External Auditor about SBC’s Annual Accounts. He recommended that SBC should go to the High Court and ask a Judge to decide about the income from Whitby Harbour.

SBC Councillors were told by their Officers that the challenge by Fight4Whitby could result in over £4 million being directed back into Whitby Harbour. They were warned that ‘the court’s decision could be very unfavourable to the Council’. They were also warned that if the Court decided to backdate the repayment for MORE than the 6 years in dispute, then the risk to SBC could be ‘significantly higher’.

At the meeting, Officers of Scarborough Borough Council presented a watered-down Motion for the full Council to vote on. Thanks to a briefing by Fight4Whitby, some Councillors amended the Motion to include EVERYTHING the External Auditor had recommended – not just the bit about the income from four carparks on Whitby Marina. This amended Motion was passed with no one voting Against.

The initial cost for SBC to fight the legal challenge by Fight4Whitby was estimated at between £50,000 and £100,000. This was approved by SBC, so it looks like Fight4Whitby will have to raise LOTS of donations to fund OUR case before the High Court Judge…

PLEASE be generous with your donations!

There are lots of collecting tins in shops, etc around Whitby, donations can be made online at . Donations are also a ‘legitimate business expense’ for any business. Receipts can be provided at John Freeman Studio, Market Square, Church Street or the Coliseum Centre, Victoria Place (behind the bus station) or The Dispensary, Skinner Street – all in Whitby).

Thank-you for your generous donations to help us Fight4Whitby !

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