Fight4Whitby reply to SBC story in Whitby Gazette

This is our Fight4Whitby reply to the Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) story of their Extraordinary Council Meeting – see previous Post.

In reply to the SBC version, Fight4Whitby spokesman John Freeman sent this letter to the Whitby Gazette:

‘Fight for our town is worth the effort.

‘Re “Council’s court fight over Harbour money” (Whitby Gazette 29 July 2021). It has taken five long and expensive years to force Scarborough Borough Council to the courts, to finally decide on how much, and how far back, we at Fight4Whitby can go in claiming back the monies owed to the Whitby Harbour.

‘Even at the last hour, Borough Council Officers tried, and failed, to water down the directive from the Borough Council’s auditors. It took a firm resolve from a group of Borough Councillors to bring this matter to a head, after being made aware of the facts that have been put together by Fight4Whitby.

‘This group is not afraid to get this matter to the court as we, and our highly skilled legal team, are convinced that impartial scrutiny will both confirm our belief about the amounts syphoned from the Harbour income – and indeed the actual extent of Whitby Harbour, which Scarborough Borough Council claims to be unsure of.

‘We are extremely grateful for all the support we have had over this period and we are aware that this last push will not come cheap, but the wellbeing and safety of Whitby Harbour and the town are worth the effort.

‘Because of the legal issues involved, Fight4Whitby has not been able to keep the public fully informed of progress, but at last some aspects can now be brought to the public attention. We can now publish much of our argument on our website [ ].

John Freeman’

Market Place,


NB: With thanks and acknowledgements to The Editor, Whitby Gazette, 19 Aug 2021.

Fight4Whitby hopes this reply will bring you up to speed. We now need to raise A LOT of money to present our case in court. You can donate on our website, or via any of our collecting tins in shops and businesses in Whitby. Please be generous! Thank-you.

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