Dream team winners

Pat’s People were the winning team of last night’s fund-raising quiz, which raised several hundred pounds. There was a great turnout, with 9 teams of 4 or 5 members, as well as many supporters.

After the first 3 rounds it was time for a break, another drink and a bite of supper. Then on with another 2 rounds of questions, before the final scores were calculated and the winning team announced. Perhaps the most obscure answer of the evening was ‘Dexie’s Midnight Runners’ in response to one of the Music Round questions!

The raffle was also popular, with over a dozen winners picking their preferences from the wide range of excellent prizes. The exciting evening was concluded with a few words from John Freeman, past Mayor of Whitby Town. He congratulated the winning team, and those who bought the winning raffle tickets. Then he described some of the most recent developments in the Fight4Whitby Campaign, to bring everyone up to date. John concluded by thanking the organisers, the hosts and everyone who gave so generously to this important Fight 4 Whitby.

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