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Read our recent open letter to the Leader of Scarborough Borough Council

‘Can of worms’ now feeding the ‘chickens coming home to roost’?

Dear Editor, Is the ‘can of worms’ now feeding the ‘chickens coming home to roost’? Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) opened a can of worms by down-sizing our superb Tourist Information Centre (TIC), just before several years of Cook 250th Anniversary Celebrations. Together with HMS Dredgenot, that triggered a huge wave of local anger in Whitby. […]

Scarborough Borough Council’s spend on Whitby raises questions

I would like to follow up on the three letters published in your paper on 26th January 2018 which highlighted the shortcomings of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) and I comment as follows:- Scarborough Borough Council claims that the Council spend in Whitby is higher per head than Scarborough. Where do these figures come from? Cllr […]

Fight4Whitby Newsletter January / February 2018

This Newsletter for January / February 2018 will bring you up to date with some of the things that have been happening over the past year. Needless to say, for legal reasons, we can’t yet include everything… Fight4Whitby         Newsletter         Jan/Feb 2018 Dear Supporters, Fight4Whitby’s hard work, helped by your own considerable support, is now bearing […]

A step closer – but when will any work actually start?

Wow – a step closer to repairing Whitby Piers. Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has given itself Planning Permission to replace the bridge to the East Pier Extension – 17 years (yes, seventeen YEARS) after it failed! BUT – no money has yet been identified to fund it. On the other hand, the draining, cleaning and […]

Roker Pier restoration shows what could be done in Whitby

Roker Pier has just been reopened after storm damage in November 2016. This is a fine example of what could be done with Whitby Piers, if the same level of enthusiasm was shown by Scarborough Borough Council. 100 meters of railings were washed into the sea, including the coping stones they were set into, by huge […]

Inequality faces Whitby town despite high popularity ratings with visitors

There is great inequality within Scarborough Borough. A recent government Report on Social Mobility made for uncomfortable reading on the Yorkshire coast. It rated Scarborough Borough down at number 290-ish out of more than 300 areas. The cold wind off the North Sea has hidden this cold spot for a number of years. Lack of investment […]

Another Christmas and still no SBC money to repair Whitby Piers

Christmas is here yet again – and still Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) have not committed any of their own money to repair Whitby’s ‘decrepit’ sea defences. Where is the money for pier repairs? “Regarding the East Pier planning application: I notice Scarborough Borough Council has submitted a planning application under Week November 20 17/1202120/LB – Construction […]

Supporters like you have helped Fight4Whitby raise awareness in high places

Dear Supporters – Helped by your own considerable support, Fight4Whitby’s hard work is now bearing fruit in many ways, including in high places. Public awareness about the sad state of Whitby’s iconic Harbour is now at an all-time high – and the pressure is building on Scarborough Borough Council (SBC). SBC has finally submitted a planning […]

Amazed by the SBC Councillor’s confidence that Whitby piers won’t collapse

I am amazed by Councillor Cockerill’s confidence that ‘The piers are not in imminent danger of collapse’ (Whitby Gazette 27 Oct 2017). He is either very brave or very foolish. I am sure that few people would bet on escaping extreme weather conditions. When will Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) tell us honestly what is going […]

‘Whitby pier collapse is not imminent’ say Scarborough Borough Council

‘The piers are not in imminent danger of collapse’ claimed the SBC Councillor responsible for Ports and Harbours last month. – Oh good, so glad that he knows when the next Big Storm is going to be. I wonder if the officials responsible for the dangling railway line at Dawlish ever said anything quite as ‘brave’ as […]

BBC tv and radio News features the sad state of Whitby’s Piers

BBC Television featured Whitby’s crumbling piers in the Look North (Cumbria and North East) tea-time News yesterday. They interviewed SBC’s Portfolio Holder for Ports and Harbours and showed the gaping holes in the East Pier. Then they interviewed John Freeman, who is the Chair of Whitby and District Tourism Association. This morning, as part of the 9am […]

Questions about Scarborough Borough Council’s planning applications for the pier repairs

Several questions are raised by the welcome news that Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) plans to repair Whitby’s crumbling piers. SBC has now applied to themselves for planning permission, including a ‘works compound’ on Endeavour Wharf: The already approved SBC Finance Strategy 2017-2027 scheduled the work for 2019/20. However, the planning applications advise that the work will […]

Tourism Association asks SBC for details of pier repairs due in December

Background: Whitby District Tourism Association (WDTA) has written to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) for clarification about the pier repairs due to start (according to SBC) in 6 weeks. SBC has applied to SBC for permission to turn Endeavour Wharf ‘car park’ into a Works Compound, to supply the repair work on both of Whitby’s crumbling main piers. […]

Storm Ophelia – a thank-you letter for its Southerly gales a few days ago

[Last weekend the British Isles were battered by Storm Ophelia, which started near the Azores and passed just West of Ireland] Dear Storm Ophelia, Thank-you for keeping well to the West of Whitby. Your South-westerly gales battered all the Western shorelines, but were ‘merely’ off-shore gales here on the Yorkshire coast. If your storm centre had […]

Your BIG chance to influence the future of Whitby Harbour – and all the others, too

Your help and support for Fight4Whitby has helped to bring a Government review of Best Practice for all Local Authority ports and harbours in the UK. Give your views (link below) on how you would like to see our harbour managed in future: Dear Supporters, Fight4Whitby’s hard work, helped by your own considerable support, is now bearing fruit in many ways […]

Much-needed pier repairs taking far too long – 04 Oct 2017

Two cheers to Councillor Cockerill announcing that weight-bearing tests on Whitby piers are being undertaken prior to major repairs being carried out. Let’s not forget that these repairs have been urgent  since 2002, when an official report stated that the piers had a residual life of  less than 10 years. But Councillor Cockerill states that […]

Truth versus Spin re Whitby Piers – 27 Sept 2017

Truth or Spin? Last Friday’s Whitby Gazette included an article entitled ‘Piers tests ahead of repairs. Restoration set for next year.’ Scarborough Borough Councillor Cockerill portrayed the load testing on Whitby Piers as some sort of major step forward. In fact, these tests are a preliminary and precautionary measure that any responsible contractor would carry […]

Fifth Response to Freedom of Information Request re ‘potentially fatal’ defects – Sept 2017

The fifth FOI Response to the 16 original questions asked in the Open Letter. Scarborough Borough Council didn’t answer them but you can read it online. SBC’s Response to Fight4Whitby makes interesting reading: FOIA 5192 F4W Request: The Royal Haskoning 2009 Report on Whitby Harbour lists defects to ladders and wire rope railings on both the Piers […]

Fourth Response from SBC re horizontal cores in Pier Extensions toes – 13 Sept 2017

Our fourth Request to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) under the Freedom of Information Act was about the state of the ‘toes’ of the two Extensions to Whitby Piers: F4W Request: Royal Haskoning recommended [2008] that horizontal cores be taken into the 2 toes of the Pier Extensions, in order to gain a better understanding of the […]

Third response to FOI request re Dive Surveys on the extensions – 08 Sept 2017

Our third response from Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) also makes interesting reading: F4W Request: In 2009 the Royal Haskoning Report says that Dive Surveys were conducted in 2008 on the two Whitby Pier Extensions. Please provide the Reports and their dates, of any Dive Surveys conducted on these two Pier Extensions since 2008. SBC Response: […]

Second Response to Freedom of Information Act Request – 17 Aug 2017

Our second FOI Request to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) about the state of Whitby’s crumbling Piers asked about the delays to the ‘high priority’ defects. Our Request: ‘The 2009 Royal Haskoning report required the work to rectify the ‘high priority’ defects on the two main Whitby Piers to start in 2012 and to be completed by 2014. […]

First response to Freedom of Information Act requests – 8 Aug 2017

The first response from Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) to our questions about Whitby Harbour has been received. Our Open Letter with 16 questions about Whitby Harbour was sent to The Leader of SBC in April 2017, but no actual answers were received. (That Open Letter can be read in full at the top of this […]

Defective steel piling will be repaired – but only on Endeavour Wharf

The defective steel piling at Endeavour Wharf will, at long last, be repaired by Scarborough Borough Council. But  defective steel piling is also a major problem on our two Pier Extensions, where the wave action is much greater. The 680 meter combined perimeter of the foundations to the Extensions is protected from wave scouring by […]

Council ignores the concerns of worried residents

It ignores safety advice from experts. It puts lives and hundreds of homes at risk. You probably think of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council and the absolute horror of the Grenfell Tower fire. But much closer to home, Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has been doing exactly that for years. It has ignored the worries of […]

The No Confidence in SBC Cabinet vote was defeated by the SBC Cabinet

The No Confidence vote was held recently and the webcam can be viewed on the SBC website. A viewer writes: ‘I watched with appalled fascination, the Scarborough Borough Council meeting held to consider a Vote of No Confidence in the Leader and Cabinet. ‘How is it possible that the Leader and the Cabinet members were each given a ‘special […]

No trust in the leaders of Scarborough Borough Council

How can Whitby trust a council, including our own councillors who represent Whitby, when the following have been allowed to happen: SBC’s financial Annual Accounts for 2015/16 have still not been approved by the government Auditor, with no government process available to ensure this happens, and no procedures have been put in place to ensure […]

‘Thanks for your votes’ says John Freeman

‘Thanks to everyone who cast their vote in my favour in the recent General Election’ says our local artist, John Freeman. He continues: ‘Locally and nationally the voting trend returned to the old two-party system. This made all the more significant, the fact that 680 people took the trouble to turn out and vote for me […]

Another Open Reminder to the Leader of Scarborough Borough Council

Another Open Reminder should not be necessary, but SBC have still not answered, nor even acknowledged, the questions in our Open Letter. It was sent to them on 3rd April 2017 and today is the 14th June 2017 – a full TWO MONTHS later and STILL no substantive reply. You can read our Open Letter with its 17 Questions about the […]

Thank-you to all our voters – but there is more to do!

A big thank-you to the many hundreds who voted for John Freeman at the General Election last Thursday. Predictably, the two big parties had well over 20,000 votes each, and not one of the 6 lesser candidates got more than 2,000 votes. We DID get lots of lovely publicity for Fight4Whitby, which was our main intention, and we came […]

Vote, vote, vote tomorrow and send SBC a message

Your vote tomorrow could make all the difference. Vote for John Freeman if you want to send Scarborough Borough Council a clear message about how dis-satisfied you feel. John Freeman says: ‘As Chair of Whitby and District Tourism Association, 3 times Mayor of Whitby and co-founder of Fight4Whitby, I have tried my utmost to get SBC […]

John Freeman sends you this message about tomorrow’s vote

John Freeman is standing as an Independent in Thursday’s general election. He says: ‘Good morning everyone! Getting close to Election day now! If you are happy with the way Scarborough Borough Council and our sitting MP have treated you, then feel free to vote on usual party lines . If however, like me, you feel […]

Protest marches and Open Letters ignored by Scarborough Borough Council

Protest marches to Save the Futurist Theatre in Scarborough and Open Letters from both them and Fight4Whitby go ignored by SBC. They are not listening to the Voters of the Scarborough and Whitby constituency, so this election is the ideal opportunity for you to send them a message. Vote for John Freeman on Thursday. Neither […]

‘Enough is Enough where Scarborough Borough Council is concerned’

Had enough? John Freeman says ‘I offer a Protest Vote to all those who are fed-up with the disgraceful way that SBC does not listen to local ratepayers’. That is why he is standing as an Independent candidate at the General Election this Thursday. This Borough depends on Tourism, but Tourist Information Centres have been closed or […]

Hustings held at Whitby Rifle Club last night was a great success

A very successful Hustings took place yesterday, with 6 out of the 8 prospective MPs on the platform to answer questions. About 70 to 80 members of the public attended to hear the candidates take turns to answer all sorts of questions. These were chosen at random from all those submitted beforehand. Some of these can be seen on […]

New video on this website all about Whitby Harbour and SBC

A new video has been added to the Home Page of this Fight4Whitby website. ‘Talking to Scarborough Borough Council is like talking to that brick wall’ says John Freeman. There then follows a short tour of Whitby Harbour, looking at the crumbling piers, the recently added clutter and the problems for the boats. Enjoy watching this […]

‘Local voters MUST be able to hold SBC to account’ says John Freeman

Local resident John Freeman explains why he is standing for MP in this general election: I am a peaceable 75 year old, who loves Whitby and this area, and wants it to thrive. As Chairman of Whitby and District Tourism Association, I have worked to support my local community and was very proud to serve […]

Your vote could make all the difference in this General Election

You may think how you vote – or whether you vote at all – will make no difference. But it COULD. The Scarborough and Whitby constituency is a safe seat, but you could change all that. Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) is not listening to local voters. Whether it is about closing our Tourist Information Centres and public […]

General Election gives locals the chance to make SBC listen

Election time and John Freeman (Independent) is demanding the reform of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC). Yes, this IS asking for your protest vote! Your vote for John Freeman for MP could make all the difference. What happened to open, transparent and accountable local councils and services? Why do Whitby Piers still need £8m of long overdue […]

General Election and John Freeman (Independent) is standing

The General Election has livened-up the debate about Fight4Whitby and its aims! John Freeman, who has lived locally for many decades, is also our Spokesman for Fight4Whitby. He is standing for parliament as an Independent candidate, since the snap election left too little time to be sure of registering a brand new political party before the […]

What risks are facing the people of Whitby?

The risks facing the people of Whitby.  Both the main piers and the pier extensions are riddled with defects. However, information in reports compiled by Royal Haskoning provides an insight into the seriousness of the problems with the Piers: Main Piers The stone walls and the stone slab / concrete decking of the Main Piers […]

Public Safety and Staff Safety should be paramount

Safety matters.   The 2009 Royal Haskoning report highlighted that immediate repairs were required to the metal ladders on the East Pier Extension, which had missing rungs and “corrosion to an unsafe level.” Similarly ladders on the Main Piers were condemned because of rotten timbers and loose fittings. Repairs were also required within 5 years to […]

Monitoring of Whitby’s crumbling piers is all important

Monitoring the Condition of the Pier Extensions. SBC’s engineering consultant, Royal Haskoning, recommended in 2009 that rectification of the High Priority defects on the pier extensions (void filling and new scour protection works) should begin in April 2011. This did not happen. Following the emergency repairs to the huge void on the landward end of […]

Open Reminder to The Leader of Scarborough Borough Council

This Open Reminder should not be necessary, but SBC have still not answered the questions in our Open Letter. It was sent to them on 3rd April 2017 and today is the 4th May 2017 – a full month later and still no reply. Every local authority has Service Standards, which include ‘a prompt response’ […]

Majority funding accepted by SBC in 2014

Funding for the repairs to Whitby Main Piers. Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) adopted the Whitby Coastal Strategy 2 in July 2012, in the full knowledge that the Whitby Piers project would not be eligible for 100% grant funding and that “SBC as the major beneficiary will be required to contribute £3.7m towards the design and […]

Risk of damage and loss might cost £129 million if piers & extensions fail

Risk Assessment.  The Whitby Coastal Strategy 2, adopted by Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) in 2012, recognised the critical importance of the Whitby Harbour structures to the overall flood and coastal defence system across the wider Strategy frontage, as well as directly to the harbour itself. A recent SBC report (17/71. 23 Mar 2017) stated that […]

Repairs to Whitby Piers delayed again and again and again

Repairs to the East and West Main Piers Over the years, the scheduled date for starting the work has been pushed even further into the future. The most recent postponement now contemplates starting the work in 2019/20 – some 17 years after SBC were first warned that the Piers could have a life expectancy of […]

Open Letter to the Leader, Scarborough Borough Council

This Open Letter was sent by Fight4Whitby to the Leader of Scarborough Borough Council and the media on 3rd April 2017: WHITBY MAIN PIERS AND PIER EXTENSIONS The Highpoint-Rendel report in 2002 concluded that the main Whitby Piers had a residual life of less than 10 years. Since that date, the consequences of a breach or collapse […]

No Money for Pier Repairs in SBC Budget for 2017/18

Scarborough Borough Council has approved its budget for 2017/18 – but there is no planned contribution from SBC towards the urgently-needed repair works to the Whitby piers. Even worse, the approved Financial Strategy 2017-2027 shows the cost of the pier repairs is not expected to be needed until 2019/20. Fight4Whitby has written an open letter to the […]

Even better Quiz Night than last year

Even better than last year’s, the Fight4Whitby Quiz Night last week was a great success. With 15 different Quiz Teams this year, a great time was had by all. Some £400 was raised by the enthusiastic Quizzers, who also enjoyed excellent food prepared by the Eastside Community ladies. Once again, the (non-party political) event was […]

Raise funds for Fight4Whitby with our Quiz Night

Help us raise funds for Fight4Whitby by joining in our Quiz Night next week. Just put together a Team of 4 or 5 people and turn up next Wednesday 5th April 2017. There will also be a Raffle, with some great prizes. The event will be held at the Conservative Club at the end of […]

County Council to chip in to Piers repairs

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) has said it will contribute to repairing our failing piers. Just how much the county might give has not yet been decided. The total cost will only be known once the recent survey results have been analysed. A spokesman said the piers protect many assets belonging to NYCC, like the roads and the […]

Confidence in engineers’ report but No Confidence in SBC Cabinet

The Portfolio Holder for Harbours on Scarborough Borough Council’s Cabinet says he has ‘every confidence in their engineers and consultants’ as regards Whitby’s neglected piers. Good, because so do I. But I have absolutely No Confidence in the SBC’s Cabinet’s failure to provide money for any of the engineers’ High Priority recommendations. In 2009 Royal Haskoning, […]

Local Editor raps SBC for their response to Whitby’s pier repairs

The Editor of the Whitby Gazette has criticised Scarborough Borough Council for their response to repairing Whitby’s piers and extensions. In last week’s Editorial Comment column, the editor writes: ‘The Borough Council seems content to conclude that repairs to Whitby’s piers can wait another year. ‘Technically, it might be right – it requires structural engineers to make […]

Piers webcam lets YOU see the storms for yourself

A webcam allows everyone to be a Storm Watcher and see for themselves the huge waves which can break over Whitby Piers. Last weekend was the perfect example, with another 2 days of strong winds sending massive waves to pound our neglected piers. These winds were from the North East, blowing across the North Sea towards the Yorkshire […]

Many unanswered questions remain about Whitby piers

There are many unanswered questions about the planned works on Whitby’s crumbling piers and extensions. Work on Phase 1 is hoped to start in Spring 2018, Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has announced. The contractors will be civil engineers Balfour Beatty, who will start with yet another survey of the piers. This will be needed to assess any additional storm damage […]

Storm Surge hits Whitby on Friday 13th

Whitby was hit by yet another Storm Surge on Fri 13th January. Many parts of the town were awash again, with huge waves overtopping the crumbling piers and their extensions. Advance warning had been given by the Environment Agency and temporary barriers had been put in place. Some of these barriers were just washed aside […]

A New Year Resolution for you and one for us at Fight4Whitby

A good Resolution is always good for Whitby. It was the name of one of Captain Cook’s ships, but your New Year Resolution could be to help us protect Whitby Harbour. If you donate to Fight4Whitby, we will be able to continue challenging Scarborough Borough Council’s administration of Whitby Harbour. We need to raise funds to pay […]

Lots of Objections to SBC’s Change of Use application for our Tourist Information Centre

There were lots and lots of Objections from a very wide range of people and organisations. These were are all lodged safely before the deadline and now published on the Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Planning website. How very embarrassing for them! There was even an official Objection from the Chairman of Whitby Civic Society. This listed the […]

Last chance to Object to SBC’s application for TIC Change of Use

Don’t miss your last chance to let SBC know that you OBJECT to their planned Change of Use from TIC to café and ice cream parlour. The 21 days to Object runs out in a couple of days, on 22 December. They have already received several Objections from a wide range of people, but many, many more […]

Object NOW to Change of Use application for Whitby Tourist Information Centre

You can ‘Object’ NOW to Scarborough Borough Council’s plan to turn our TIC into a restaurant and ice cream parlour. Under Planning Law SBC must apply to SBC (!) for a ‘Change of Use’ for the building, so this is your chance to ‘Object’ to their plans to downgrade our TIC. Their Change of Use application was made at […]

TV payment WILL now go to the ‘Whitby Piers’ Fund says Scarborough Borough Council

The payment from the ‘Grand Tour’ filming in Whitby Harbour will now go towards repairing Whitby piers. This is largely thanks to the pressure put on SBC by the Fight4Whitby campaign. After a long wait, SBC have finally issued a response to everyone who asked about the payment from Amazon TV for filming in Whitby Harbour. […]

Fight4Whitby at Winterfest in Whitby Pavilion this weekend

Whitby Winterfest opens this Friday evening with a parade from Pannett Park to the Pavilion on Whitby’s West Cliff. Winterfest runs all weekend, from 10am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday, and it demonstrates the Power of Community at Christmas. It is organised by We Are Whitby. An opening performance by local lad Alistair Griffin, of […]

ITV News video now on this website, Facebook and Twitter

The video clip of the ITV News item on Whitby’s neglected piers is now widely available online. It shows the triangular slump of more than 4 courses of the giant stones which comprise the piers. We rely on our ancient piers to keep the North Sea waves at bay. Without them, huge waves would run up the […]

TV News features problems in Whitby Harbour

Regional TV News broadcast a feature on Whitby Harbour yesterday (link below). Reporter Kris Jepson was aboard Whitby’s retired lifeboat, the ‘Mary Ann Hepworth’ to see the cracks, slumps and voids in the ancient stonework of our piers. Skipper Barry Sneddon was able to bring the TV team up close with the neglected sea defences. Later there […]

ITV News item will now be on Friday

The News item on Whitby harbour will now be on Friday 18 Nov. ITV now plans to show the Whitby harbour item on regional Tyne Tees, Calendar News and possibly even the national News at Ten this Friday. This is a day later than they originally planned. Please spread the word!

ITV News item on Whitby Harbour

ITV News cameras were in Whitby yesterday, filming the problems of our harbour. They plan to show their report tomorrow Wed 16th or Thursday 17th Nov 2016 on the early and late regional news programme ITV News Tyne Tees. It may also appear on the ITV Evening News at 10pm, as well as ITV Calendar News for Yorkshire […]

Good Goth, what is happening to Whitby?

Whitby Goth Weekend is now in full swing and the town is packed. ‘No Vacancy’ signs are up at most B&Bs and the ever-welcome Goths (and their admirers) are having to book accommodation in the surrounding villages as well. This is one of our busiest weekends of the year and it helps to extend the season well into November, […]

Dredging Whitby harbour for the whole story

Dredging used to be a full time job in Whitby harbour. Sea sand is brought in on every tide, with a smaller volume of silt washed down by the River Esk. Whitby used to have its very own dredger, with an excavator on one end, digging out the sand bars and keeping the harbour at […]

‘No place like Whitby’ says Jeremy Clarkson

‘There is no place quite like Whitby’ according to Jeremy Clarkson, as reported in this week’s Whitby Gazette. Filming in Whitby for the new Amazon TV show was completed last Thursday and Friday, and the big ‘Grand Tour’ studio marquee on Endeavour Wharf has now been dismantled. The stars of the show sang the praises of Whitby and its surroundings, describing […]

Jeremy Clarkson in the Whitby he loves

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are in Whitby this week to film The Grand Tour, their new motoring show on Amazon. The Grand Tour includes shows from South Africa, California and… not London, not the Lake District, not Stow-on-the-Wold, not The Dales… but WHITBY! Whitby, they decided, gives a view which best encapsulates everything which represents ‘England’ […]

Grand tour de force demonstration to save Whitby TIC

As the Grand Tour marquee was being constructed beside Whitby’s ex-Tourist Information Centre (xTIC), a large crowd gathered at the Dock End last Saturday to listen to speeches about what Scarborough Borough Council is doing with our poor, neglected harbour. Not to mention down-grading our superb TIC. Speakers included the local artist and three-times Mayor of Whitby, […]

Protest demo this Saturday noon at the Dock End

Protest with us about the closure of Whitby’s perfect Tourist Information Centre at the Dock End this Saturday at noon. You may wonder, as we do, why Scarborough Borough Council would deny 450,000 visitors / year to Whitby TIC the chance to find out more about Whitby and district. You may think SBC are asset-stripping Whitby […]

TIC Demo delayed 1 week

Our Demo against the closure of our purpose-built and ideally-situated Tourist Information Centre has been delayed by a week, thanks to Scarborough Borough Council delays in moving out. We will now meet at 12 noon on Sat 8th Oct 2016 at the old TIC on Dock End, to demonstrate just how much we all disagree […]

Map of Whitby Harbour???

A map showing the statutory boundary and owned assets of Whitby Harbour was requested, under the Freedom of Information Act, from Scarborough Borough Council several weeks ago. On 14 September SBC replied: Request: A map or maps in PDF format (at a scale not greater than 1:2500) showing the current boundary of the area under […]

Piers seem less important

Whitby’s piers seem to be less important than the new waterpark in Scarborough town, says John Freeman, a recent Mayor of Whitby. In an article published  in last week’s Whitby Gazette, John was responding to comments made by Scarborough Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Harbours. Ex-Mayor John said ‘If Scarborough Borough Council had done as it should have, by using […]

Social media spreads the word

Social media including Facebook and Twitter has been spreading the word even wider than our regional BBC TV News. Since the Fight4Whitby story appeared on TV it has had more than 77,000 Views on Facebook! There have been well over 500 Shares and more than 100 supportive Comments. A similar story can be told about Twitter, so our […]

BBC Look North regional TV News report

Our local BBC News team came to film the state of Whitby’s piers last week. Their report was shown throughout the North East and Cumbria region over the Bank Holiday weekend. Fight4Whitby organised a local boat to take the BBC cameraman out of the harbour mouth and around the outside of the West Pier. From water-level it […]

Fighting for Whitby

We are fighting for just five things: All income from Whitby Harbour to be re-invested in the maintenance and improvement of Whitby’s neglected harbour and piers. Urgent repairs and improvements to the piers, to safeguard 500 homes and businesses and much of the town against increased flood risks. A lively, working, historic harbour that welcomes traditional […]

If you love Whitby

If you love Whitby as much as we do, please donate to our local campaign. Our Community Group ‘Fight4Whitby’ is challenging Scarborough Borough Council’s administration of Whitby Harbour. Scarborough Borough Council is the Statutory Harbour Authority. It is responsible for the maintenance, improvement and management of Whitby Port and Harbour. We need to raise funds to […]

Income from Whitby Harbour

Income from the car parks on Whitby harbour land is not identified separately in the Scarborough Borough Council  published accounts. The most recent budget figures show £958,020 Income for the Marina Car Parks in 2015/16 and the Surplus was £891,314. The figures for the year before (2014/15) are broadly similar. We believe that SBC has […]

Whitby Harbour Act

The Whitby Harbour Act of 1827 and of 1879 are the basis of the powers and duties which apply to the management of Whitby Harbour. These were added to by the Whitby Urban District Council Act 0f 1905 and the national 1964 Harbour Act. Scarborough Borough Council is the ‘Statutory Harbour Authority’ for the Port and […]

500 homes and businesses at risk

Some 500 homes and businesses in Whitby would be at higher risk of flooding or coastal erosion unless there is major capital investment. This was the estimation of a more detailed Report in 2009, which also endorsed the findings of the 2002 Report. The ‘major capital investment’ is needed to improve the condition of our piers. […]

Piers need repairs

Whitby piers, quays and sea defences urgently need proper maintenance. This is essential for the benefit of harbour users. It would also safeguard large areas of the town against flooding. Our historic harbour lies at the very heart of Whitby and forms a key visitor attraction. The Whitby Coastal Strategy was produced for Scarborough Borough Council in […]

Busy backstage but not yet public

You may think that things have gone quiet, but we are very busy backstage… Sometimes it is best to keep a bit quiet while the next step is being carefully prepared behind the scenes… Could this be the ‘calm before the storm’..? The Fight4Whitby Battle Song competition is well under way… Another Quiz Night fundraiser is being […]

Dream team winners

Pat’s People were the winning team of last night’s fund-raising quiz, which raised several hundred pounds. There was a great turnout, with 9 teams of 4 or 5 members, as well as many supporters. After the first 3 rounds it was time for a break, another drink and a bite of supper. Then on with another 2 […]

Enter our Quiz tomorrow

Come and enter our fund-raising contest tomorrow evening. We are looking for the best Quiz Team of 4 or 5 members. Quiz entry is £5 per person and includes a pie and peas supper. We hope to have a good turnout, a really enjoyable evening AND raise lots of money for Fight4Whitby. Full details are on our Events page for […]

Top story in Whitby Gazette

‘We want our money back’ is the top front page headline of the Whitby Gazette, our local weekly newspaper. The reporter goes on to outline the background to the Fight4Whitby campaign. There is even a quote from John Freeman of Fight4Whitby. Fight4Whitby is delighted to make the top story in our local newspaper. The campaign is raising […]

Legal battle begins

Legal letters about Whitby harbour and its Tourist Information Centre have now been exchanged. Whitby and District Tourism Association (WDTA) has retained a Barrister who specialises in Marine Law and Harbours. Their opening letter to the Legal Department of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has now been acknowledged. Let the legal battle begin! To pay for the legal costs of this battle, WDTA […]

Whitby is 5th Most Popular UK Destination

Popular Staycations A recent poll in the national press rates Whitby as the Top 5 most popular place to stay in the UK. This just confirms what we all suspected, that Whitby is one of the best places in the country, if not the world! At the very top of the list was Edinburgh, followed by London, Bournemouth, Manchester […]

News Release 07 May 2016 – Campaign Launch

News Release 07 May 2016 – Campaign Launch A group of local Whitby residents and business people have launched a campaign to Fight4Whitby against the proposed closure of the Whitby Tourist Information Centre and inadequate maintenance of the town’s historic piers and harbour. Around half a million visitors use the Whitby Tourist Information Centre (TIC) […]

Whitby & District Tourism Association kick-start ‘Fight 4 Whitby’ Fund

WDTA has put £5,000 into a fighting fund to take legal action over the whole management of Whitby harbour – including making sure that Whitby TIC remains exactly where it is and continues to provide a full and professional welcome to our visitors.