SBC chest-thumping claims re funding some repairs to Whitby Piers

I read about the chest-thumping from Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) in the Whitby Gazette. Their Council Leader and their Portfolio Holder for Harbours and Flooding write about how clever they have been to beg, borrow and cajole the £9 million required for the long-awaited repairs to the stone piers which protect Whitby.

(£9 million is the same amount that SBC were able to find at the drop of a hat to lend to a private company to fund the new water park in Scarborough town).

These repairs do not even begin to look at the state of the two vital Extensions to Whitby’s Piers. These Extensions are Whitby’s first line of defence [against stormy seas]. If SBC had done as it should according to the 1905 Whitby Act, which governs the finances of Whitby harbour, then the infrastructure of much of Whitby Harbour would be in a far safer condition that it is today. To add further insult to injury, we now hear of major plans to upgrade Scarborough Harbour.

SBC’s external auditors have not yet signed-off the SBC annual accounts for last year. [If they do not accept them by next month, then this would be the 3rd consecutive year that the annual accounts for SBC have not been signed-off]. This is due to SBC’s use of the income from Whitby Harbour. Our local Councillors seem to be remarkably quiet on this issue – roll on the council elections in 2019!

John Freeman, Whitby.

[This letter was published in the Whitby Gazette on Fri 13 July 2018. With thanks and acknowledgements to The Editor, Whitby Gazette].

NB: John Freeman has previously been elected Mayor of Whitby Town Council on 3 separate occasions.

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