Pier work starts – but then stops a month later!

Work actually started on Whitby’s crumbling piers in early October 2018 – but then stopped again in early November 2018, due to bad weather. We already had Storm Ali, Storm Brodagh and Storm Callum while that work was going on, but there will now be a 6-month shut down until the end of March 2019.

‘Work will start in Sept 2018…’ Scarborough Borough Council announced in the spring of 2018 ‘…possibly even as soon as July 2018’. But no, we are not falling for that one again, not since all the various ‘starting dates’ they have announced over the 17 years since they removed the footbridge to the East Pier Extension. ‘In a year or two…’ was always just enough to make everyone think that repairs were imminent, but then ‘further survey work’ would be required… and everyone forgot that SBC has achieved absolutely nothing to repair Whitby town’s vital sea defences.

Except Fight4Whitby, which kept up the pressure until, finally, finally, finally WORK ACTUALLY BEGAN last month – but only for a month.

What a shame SBC didn’t just get on with it and start work in July 2018, as they hinted, when some real improvements could have been made before winter was (so unexpectedly?) upon us once again. Or even start work the year before… Or the year before that… Or even the decade before that… Or even in 2001 when the footbridge was removed ‘for safety reasons’ (i.e. SBC’s lack of routine maintenance had made it unsafe).

So fingers crossed that all the storms this winter will continue to be mainly OFF-shore winds, because if the storms come with ON-shore winds, all that stands between Whitby Harbour and a very furious North Sea are some very neglected and crumbling Piers and their Extensions, which are even more decrepit.

Lots more information and details of how to donate to our Legal Costs at www.Fight4Whitby.com

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