Repairs to Whitby Piers delayed again and again and again

Repairs to the East and West Main Piers

Over the years, the scheduled date for starting the work has been pushed even further into the future. The most recent postponement now contemplates starting the work in 2019/20 – some 17 years after SBC were first warned that the Piers could have a life expectancy of less than 10 years.

April 2011 Start Date, cited in the Royal Haskoning Report 2009 & draft SBC Project Appraisal Report (PAR) 2009.

April 2015 Start Date, cited in SBC PAR: Final Grant Submission to Environment Agency, Nov 2012.

July 2017 Start Date, cited in Councillor Cockerill interview with Yorkshire Post, Feb 2015.

April 2018 Start Date, cited in Councillor Cockerill interview with Whitby Gazette, Dec 2016.

2019/20 Start Date, cited in SBC Financial Strategy 2017/27. Approved Mar 2017.

The £4.8 million grant from the Environment Agency was awarded for repair works to start in April 2015 and to be finished by May 2017. The grant application, submitted by SBC in Nov 2012, stated that it was not possible to delay the works on the Main Piers beyond this timescale.

Question 1    Why did the works not start in 2015, as agreed with the Environment Agency?

Question 2   Why has SBC not started the works, even now in 2017?

Question 3     Why does SBC think it is safe to delay the works until 2019/20?


(An extract of the Open Letter from Fight4Whitby to The Leader of Scarborough Borough Council)

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