Why, Why, Why?

Why did Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) change their firm of solicitors dealing with Whitby Harbour issues after 6 years with the previous firm?

Why doesn’t SBC just do what the External Auditor recommended and ask the Courts to decide on the exact boundaries of Whitby Harbour, once and for all?

Why has the Opposition Group on SBC asked WHO changed the Full Council’s decision to comply with the External Auditor’s recommendations?

Why has Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) just submitted its Draft Annual Accounts for the 6th year – and yet again without accounting for the income  from Whitby Harbour separately?

Why has one individual Council Tax Payer of the Borough had to lodge an Objection with SBC’s External Auditor – for the 6th year running?

Why does Fight4Whitby have to keep on trying to make SBC do what the 1905 ‘Whitby Harbour Act’ requires them to do?

Why do the Council Tax Payers of Whitby have to resort to Crowd Funding to raise £50,000 extra to pay the Fight4Whitby legal team to force SBC to do what they are legally bound to do: to ring-fence ALL the income from Whitby Harbour to maintain and improve Whitby Harbour?

Why don’t SBC just declare a complete Moratorium on all their daft ideas so Whitby isn’t condemned to live with their decisions for the next 5 or 10 years?

Why must we wait another 2 more years for Scarborough Borough Council to be abolished?

PLEASE HELP by donating at www.Fight4Whitby.com and make Scarborough Borough Council look after Whitby Harbour properly.

Donations to Fight4Whitby can be made online or at any of the many collecting tins in businesses around Whitby, or direct donations at The Coliseum Centre (Victoria Place, behind the bus station) or at John Freeman Studio, Market Place, Church Street, Whitby.


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