Ungagged at last! News Update

We are ungagged now that Scarborough Borough Council have held their Extraordinary Council Meeting as their External Auditor ‘recommended’. The following full page ad was placed in the Whitby Advertiser for September 2021, distributed free to 24,000 potential customers:

‘Ungagged at last!

‘Five years on and we are still fighting to protect the funds earned from Whitby Harbour, despite Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) trying to obstruct our efforts to achieve a just settlement. Until now, our member who objected to the SBC Accounts 2015-16 on our behalf, has been effectively gagged by threat of criminal prosecution. This has made it very difficult for us to let you know what has been going on, and to raise funds to meet our legal costs.

‘SBC has for many years siphoned-off the income from Whitby Harbour to boost its general purpose funds. This contravenes the Whitby Urban District Council Act of 1905 – a fact that SBC has tried, in vain, to deny!

‘SBC was finally forced to hold a Full Council meeting on 23 July 2021, to consider a statutory recommendation made by the External Auditor. He proposed that SBC should apply to the Courts, by 26 September 2021, to obtain a ruling on the extent of the Harbour Land that is governed by the 1905 Act.

‘At the Council meeting, SBC Officers tried to propose a watered-down version. Happily, that attempt was defeated by our local SBC Councillors who had been informed of the full facts by Fight4Whitby.

‘Fight4Whitby wants a final reckoning before SBC is abolished in 2023. We and our legal team are very sure of our facts. This last stage will be expensive but the outcome for Whitby and its Harbour will be well worth it.


‘John Freeman.

‘Donations vis Paypal or BACS can be made through www.Fight4Whitby.com ‘

Also donate at John Freeman Studio, 9 Market Place, Whitby and dozens of collection tins in many shops and businesses throughout Whitby. Thank-you!


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