Protest demo this Saturday noon at the Dock End

Protest with us about the closure of Whitby’s perfect Tourist Information Centre at the Dock End this Saturday at noon.

You may wonder, as we do, why Scarborough Borough Council would deny 450,000 visitors / year to Whitby TIC the chance to find out more about Whitby and district.

You may think SBC are asset-stripping Whitby by ‘disposing’ of a prime site to the highest bidder, even though tourism is already worth over £100 million / year to our town alone.

You may want to protest about the shocking state of Whitby’s iconic piers and extensions, which are now so neglected and decaying that they may no longer protect Whitby from the next storm surge, which could flood over 500 homes and businesses.

You may want to show that SBC should use the almost £1 million / year from Whitby’s Marina car parks to pay for the £3.8 million which they say they can’t afford to repair the piers.

This is your chance to say Thank-you to our once-wonderful TIC, to thank the staff there and to protest against SBC’s management of Whitby Harbour as a whole. Come and join us at the Dock End, near the by-then-closed TIC, at 12 noon on Saturday 8th Oct 2016.

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