TIC Demo delayed 1 week

Our Demo against the closure of our purpose-built and ideally-situated Tourist Information Centre has been delayed by a week, thanks to Scarborough Borough Council delays in moving out. We will now meet at 12 noon on Sat 8th Oct 2016 at the old TIC on Dock End, to demonstrate just how much we all disagree with SBC’s ill-considered and short-sighted decision.

SBC plans to move the TIC out of its ideal building, where the excellent staff have helped 500,000 visitors / year for many years, and into the Harbourmaster’s Office some 200 yards upstream and well away from the centre of town.

This is your chance to say Farewell and Thank-you to our iconic building. If SBC get the new office ready in time, the TIC will re-open in its new hastily-converted and less-than-ideal location on Sat 8th Oct 2016.

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